Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Visit to single mom's blog

One of the main reasons behind sketching a kids blog is that I love kids. And quite obviously I take a peek at what my fellow bloggers are doing. On my way, I just bumped into a blog of a single mom who portrays nitty gritties of her life in those pages. She is a mom to ten kids including her sisters, pets and a child to be! And this entire family are the vital ingredients of her blog.

Simple in design, the blog is devoid of ostentatious ornamentations. The posts are made in random with some flakes of wacky widgets. The widgets reflects whims and fancies of Melissa, the blogger herself. The posts are based on varied experiences of Melissa in her life's journey. One of the most interesting was the one where she captures several moods of sky and its depicts its beauty with finest detail. Candy bars is yet another interesting post where she draws a simile between a candy bar and persona of a human being. I took out the quiz and the result was "Three Musketeers" one. That was quite a chill pill :D The blogger boasts of her presence in social networks which simply speaks of her web presence. Though I'm not typically a twitter fan, I find time to leaf pages of Facebook occasionally.

In a way, visiting the blog of Melissa was a great experience. The warmth and and easy going nature of the blog makes you feel at home. For me it was more like a visit to the home of my neighbor...a visit to the home of a mom just like myself.

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  1. Bimmy the Bookish said...
    Hey Scarlett, what a fun blog!
    thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment on the Frog Blog Dog Log so we could find you :)
    Frog is just reading your jokes - oh dear, I think he is going to be telling them to his friends now!

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