Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Peek into Space

It was just yesterday that my daughter brought Space Chimps DVD from the nearby store. I've an interest in watching Techno-thrillers but watching a 3D style animated fiction is a long lost pastime...

But I still made time and took a peek. Though its not quite different from rest of the Hollywood animation stuffs, it is worth the time. Space Chimps is yet another work of fiction produced by Vanguard Animation in collaboration with 20thcentury Fox and Starz Animation. The story begins when a billion dollar NASA probe looses its direction and gets trapped in a wormhole between two galaxies.The researchers then go to the extent of hiring Ham III who happen to be the grandson of Ham, the first Chimpanzee sent in space. However, ham III and his two crew members end up landing upon a strange planet and have a roller-coaster journey of adventure.
Made in the style of ludicrous it is a complete entertainer for young and adults a like. The movie depicts in details the intricacies of characters, not to forget the amusing mannerisms of the Ham and his crew mates. The presentation style is unique and above all the movie depicts originality and does not in any way pose out to be a replica of its previous counterparts.

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  1. Bryan said...
    Just checked out the video.. its hilarious! While most kids animation seem to be merely a copy ... Space Chimps depicts originality.
    I'll just catch up with the movie soon :)

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