Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Poetic verses

Harry potter has created such a buzz in the world of children literature that reading is back in style for kids. Poetry I think always held a special place in our life. The sense of beauty and enjoyment of language can be encouraged through poetry.

I remember when I was a kid; I would collect various kinds of books of poems. My white and pink striped study table was placed in the corner of the room and I would sit up on the chair and look outside and see people walking up and down the street covered in brightly colored clothes and my friend Thomas, jumping up and down just below my window screaming my name – so we could go and play in the snow. At night, I would open my diary and write my first lines of poetry inspired by my readings and the day’s activities.

I still think poetry was one of the reasons why I decided to become a teacher- the love of language, the depth of words and the power to affect others through simple words. The poems can be interesting and a child’s reading can be influenced by factors like:
• time of the year
• interest
To create an interest in poetry is essential to encourage a child to learn and understand the simplicity of life. It is essential for the adult whether parents or teachers to help a kid understand the language, the emotions associated with it so as to enjoy poetry.
Of course there will always be kids who don’t like reading; audio books are a great way to get those kids to listen to poetry. Audio books (also available in bilingual format) enhance the reading experience in a great way. You can even play a CD of poems while kids get ready to go to bed, by doing so they not only learn poems in a relaxed ambiance but also capture a child’s imagination. If your child seems to best remember by hearing poems, this might turn into a great resource for parents. Most children would be attracted by funny poems and is a wonderful tool in developing children's language, reading and writing.
Personalized CD of poems is a great gift for parents, family and friends to give to a child. They also come in attractive packaging as to capture everyone’s attention including the child’s.


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