Wednesday, September 17, 2008

E-wishes for your Kid

I always have a hard time in choosing the right kind of greeting for my friends. Sometimes it makes me an hour to settle for the right kind of card that I’d like to send to my buddies. The cards are nice as they always are but sometimes they fail to blend with the persona of my friends.

And just like me my kiddos too are choosy ‘bout the card the like to send to their buddies. I guess the online ecards have largely resolved the issue. The ecards did exist even ten years back, but over a span of time they have manifested like anything. Today, as I browse through an ecard site I find the ecards quite similar to a mini video game or a cartoon show with a lot more interactivity. Ecards are quite popular with kiddos due to their cute designs and adorable messages. What’s more, the look and theme of the card could be customized keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of the recipient. The ecards meant for kids offer more interactivity and sometimes involve playing a small balloon game or adorning a clown. Again if you want to shower your child with the touch of your affection, you may very well upload his snap from you computer and send it as an ecard on his birthday.

It’s true enough that the craze of an ecard is not as much as it was years back. With the advent of social networks, teens and even tweens are busy opening respective profiles and exchanging “Hi-notes” through occasional comments and scraps. But for some folks, an ecard carries with itself a certain charisma that enthralls toddlers. To be at par with our fast paced lives Ecards are now even available on mobiles. Mobiles equipped with GPRS and WAP technology are capable of sending ecards just as a simple text message and deliver it in the palm of your loved one. Once you wish to pamper your child with a token of love, just grab you cell phone, select the best ecard for him and you emotion is just ten digits away!


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