Thursday, September 4, 2008

Living room talks

For quite sometimes I've been wondering about the implications of accessories in a man's life. I guess the term "accessory" is sometimes meant in a wrong sense. Our accessories are not really an add on to our life... they are a part of us. The reason I mention this is because we need an accessory because it is really required in our daily life...for instance, if we would wish to decorate the living room with some nice portraits, it is because we want to get rid of the same old walls that we see for years.

We adorn our lives in a way we want to and our choice of accessories is greatly influenced by our perspectives toward life. The perspective of each individual varies from the other greatly. It varies on their culture, standard of living, mindset and also on age. To a five year old kid, life is very much like a fairy tale land very much similar to those mentioned in their books. As they grow up, the wonderland takes the look of an urban city where he builds pedestals of his dreams. The attitude of different individuals get reflected in everything they do. Our bedrooms are no exception to this. We adorn our living rooms as per our whims and give them the appearance of our brainchild. In a similar way, a kid's bedroom should also be an extension of his persona and must be festooned as per his taste and preferences.

To start off, the front wall of the bed should be painted with bright colors like yellow or lavender depending on the preference of your child. You could also paint pictures of your child's favorite cartoon character or posterize it with picture of your child's favorite super hero. Painting the room with energetic colors like bright green or orange would rejuvenate your child every time they feel low and spice up their mood. Again, some parents prefer box beds which would provide enough spaces to keep blankets and pillows. It could also serve as a place to put your kid's toys and games CDs. Again, some child would prefer heir bedroom decorated in an enigmatic style as found in pictures of their books. I've personally known a lot many kids who have a preference for Victorian style and fashion. A little touch of histrionics would make your traditional child go crazy! Custom twin beds are available for twin babies which makes it a special kind of bedding fashion. It is just one of its own kind and are tailor make for twins. While you arrange for your kids bed, make it doubly sure that the same is not too far from the ground as beds situated high up make it difficult for kids and are more susceptible to accidents. A kids bedroom reflects his persona. His likings, taste and preferences contribute a lot in giving shape to its looks and features. A kid's bed should be ideally located near the window pane of the room so as to get a clear glimpse of the outside garden while your child awakes.
Last but never the least, the living room of your child should be small enough so as to give it a cozy feeling that a child yearns for. It should ideally be a small world to the kid.. not too big for his persona.


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