Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A peek at Midwest Mom's blog

While leafing through the pages of Blogcatalog community, I just stopped by a little home. I refer it as home because that's the first word which pops on my mind as I take a look at the blog. It is maintained by Julia, hailing from human resources industry. However, she takes pride in her occupation of being a mom (Chief cook and bottle washer) as she defines it :D

Midwest Moms is all about sketching the life of Julia as a mom and assembling her daily tit bits in form of an online scrapbook. Her blog covers almost everything about her daily life..ranging from her cooking experience to caterpillar hunting with her kiddos. I must say that the handiworks of caterpillars posts at one of her posts is just too much adorable :)
As I took a look at the right panel, I figured out that Julia boasts of her presence in social medias like Blogcatalog, Technorati and the like...even I'm an ardent visitor of these community websites where you ge to meet someone like yourself.
As the blogger rejuvenates with pride for achieving her blog awards and also pens down her worries on national economy and its effects on household units. As I kept browsing through the posts, it occurred to me as if I'm reading something very much familiar to my own. The warmth and homeliness as portrayed in the blog make it look like a mom's blog itself.


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