Sunday, August 31, 2008

Welcome to Kids cradles!

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As we spin back against time and ponder over our childhood days…we recollect them with a deep sigh...we yearn for the merry making, fun, that had been the very essence of our lives.
As we look back, those years seem to be a distant dream which had long been interrupted by the practicalities of adulthood.

But being a kid is never easy. Contrary to the popular perception, a kid's life is never a fairy tale... it is one of the earliest periods in a man's life when he responds to his surroundings. A kid stumbles upon everything that comes on his way…and gradually learns. The learning process actually develops his personality and as they grow up, it gets reflected in their behavior and attitude.
I've spent years observing the way a kid morphs into a more matured human and gradually develops a personality of his own. And I must admit that the environment and his surroundings have a role to play in deciding his nature, attitude and thought process.
When I say surroundings it includes anything and everything the child is connected to. His parents, teachers, friends who are very much like his own, and also the games and other accessories that are a part of his daily life. Instances are not rare when we want to entertain the little ones and end up gifting toys which do not benefit them in any way. Gifting a puzzle would further reinforce his creativity as opposed to a skeleton doll that would scare him away. A parent must step into the shoes of his child so as to perceive if a particular piece of toy is at all beneficial to him.

In a similar note, playing the right kind of music too is an important part of a child's upbringing. A good number of experts opine that playing personalized kid’s music with repeated use of the child's name actually helps a child in identifying himself with it. In this way, there are plenty of gadgets, games, toys and other stuffs that are designed to blend with a kid's persona and groom a kid to adulthood. In my up coming posts, I would come up with more such stuffs that would entertain your kids and manifest their moves…
That's what this blog is all about, it is about the toys, cloths, gifts, accessories and everything that would fit into the cradle of your child... about everything that fits into a kid's cradle. So just stay tuned and check out for more of kids stuffs and up coming kids fashion accessories…till then…


  1. katana750 said...
    Hello!, It is nice to have a teacher in the group, especially one who teaches kindergarten, since my son is almost four and working towards that all important first day of kindergarten. It will be good to hear your perspective on things.
    the mama hood said...
    Wow! I love your blog concept and I really enjoy reading your blog! I am adding you to my blog list, you could add me if you'd like. Thanks for stopping by mine too! Have a wonderful weekend!

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